Queen - The Miracle

C#mEvery drop of rain that falls in Sahara Desert sayAs it all it's a miraclB7e All godE's creations great and small, the Golden Gate and the Taj MC#mi, G#7ahal, that's a miracle. Test tube babies being born, Mothers, fathers dead and gone it's a miraclB7e.
EWe're having a miracle on D, Aearth EMother nature does it alD, Cl for us The wonGders of this world go on The HangAing Gardens of Babylon GCaptain Cook and Cain an' Abel AJimmy Hendrix an' the Tower of Babel Emi7It's a miracle Emi7It's a miracle
DThe one thing we're alEl waiting for is pA, Geace on earth an end to war. It's a mirDacle we need, the mirHmi7, E11acle The miraGcle we're aDll waitiAng fGor, today. A, D
C#mIf every leaf on every tree could tell a story thaAt would be a miracle. B7 If everEy child on every street had clothes to wear and food to eatC#m G#7that's a miracle. DIf all god's people could be free to live in peC6rfect harmony B7it's a miracleE,we´re having a miraclDe on earthA Emother nature does it alD, Cl for us
C#mOpen hearts and surgery ASunday mornings with a cup of tea C#msuper powers always fighting but AMona Lisa just keeps on smiling
Emi7it's a miracle Emi7It's a miracle Emi7it's a miracle
Guitar, solo, E, D, A, E, D, C CThe wGonders of this world go onA AWell it's a miraEmi7cle Emi7it's a miracle Emi7It's a miracle
DThe one thing we're all waiting fEor is peace on earth and aAn end to war G Git's a mirDacle we need, Bm7the miracle E11 DThe miGracle DPeace on AeartGh and eDndA tGo waDr A7
DThat time will come, one day E, Ayou'll see Awhen we can all be fGriends D
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