Queen - The fairy fellers master-stroke chords ver. 1

Song: The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke Artist: Queen Album: Queen 1 Provided By Ben Brown Not the best of queens songs, but regardless of that, here are the chords
He's a DfaCiryC/B fellAmer Amthe fairy folk have gathered Round the new moon's shine To see the feller crack a nut At Bnight's noon time To swiEmng his axe he swears As he Dclimbs he dares To dCeliA5ver B5the Emmaster stroke
CPlouC/Bghman waAmgoner will' and types CPolitC/Bician wiAmth senatorial pipe He's a DmdillAmy dally oh FPedagogue squinting wears a frown AndDm a satyr peers under lady's gown AmHe's a dirty fellow What aDm dirF5ty lG5addie-oh
Tatterdemalion and the junketer There's a thief and a dragonfly trumpeter He's my hero ah Fairy dandy tickling the fancy Of his lady friend The nymph in yellow (can we see the master stroke) What a quaere fellow Am Bbm D A D A D A D B5 g|----0245| |--------| d|-234----| |------12| a|3-------| |21234---| e|--------| |--------|
AmSoldier sailor tinker tailor ploughboy BWaiting to hear the sound EmAnd thDe arch magician presides He is the CleaA5der B5 Em
Oberon and Titania watched by a harridan Mab is the queen and there's a good apothecary man Come to say hello Fairy dandy tickling the fancy Of his lady friend The nymph in yellow What a quaere fellow The ostler stares with hands on his knees Come on mister feller Crack it open of you please Dm Bb F
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