Queen - Teo torriatte let us cling together ukulele chords ver. 1

Teo Torriate by Queen – A Day at the Races
DmWhen I'm gBbone Hear my song
Dmno need to wonder if I ever tBbhink of you still think of me the way you've come to think of me
the Dmsame moon sBbhines, the Dmsame wind blBbows the nights grow long, but dreams live on
for Dmboth of us when time is but a pBbaper moon - just close your pretty eyes and you can be with me - be not A7gone Dream on! (Chorus in Japanese repeat)
ThDmough I'm gBbone it's Dmjust as though I hold the flower that Bbtouches you a nDmew life Bbgrows the Dmblossom Bbknows theDmre's no one else could warm my heart as Bbmuch as you be not A7gone
DLet us Gcling toDgether as the yGears go bDy Goh my lA7ove my lDove A7sus4 A7In the qDuiet of the night Alet our cGandle always burn let us nDever lose the A7sus4lessons A7we have Dlearned.A7sus4 A7
DTeo GtoriaDtte konoGmama Diko GaisuruhA7ito yDo A7sus4 A7ShizuDkana yoi ni AHikaGrio tomoshi itoDshiki oshA7sus4ieo A7 idaDki (after 2nd verse go to bridge)
WhGen DI'm gA7one they'll sBmay we were all fGools but we don't A7understand Em7 A7 GOh bDe sAtrong don't A7sus4turn your A7heart We're Bmall you're all we're Bm/Aall for Gall for DalAwaysA7
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