Queen - Teo Torriatte chords ver. 1

Teo Torriatte - Let Us Cling Together Queen - A Day At The Races
DmWhen I'm Bbgone Dmno need to wonder if I Bbever think of you the Dmsame moon Bbshines, the Dmsame wind Bbblows for Dmboth of us when time is but a paper Bbmoon - be not A7gone
DmThough I'm gone it's just as though I hold the flower that touches you a new life grows the blossom knows there's no one else could warm my heart as much as you be not gone
DLet us Gcling toDgether as the Gyears go Dby Goh my A7love my Dlove A7sus4 A7In the Dquiet of the night Alet our Gcandle always burn let us Dnever lose the A7sus4lessons A7we have Dlearned. A7sus4... A7...
DTeo GtoriDatte konoGmama iDko GaisuruA7hito Dyo A7sus4 A7ShizuDkana yoi ni AHikaGrio tomoshi itoDshiki oshiA7sus4eo A7ida Dki
DmHear my song still think of me the way you've come to think of me the nights grow long, but dreams live on just close your pretty eyes and you can be with me - Dream on!
DTeo torriatte konomama ..... GWhen DI'm A7gone they'll Bmsay we were all Gfools but we don't A7understand Emi7... A7... GOh Dbe Astrong don't A7sus4turn your A7heart We're Bmall you're all we're Bmi/Aall for Gall for DalAways A7
DLet us cling .....
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