Queen - Stealin bass tabs ver. 1

Song Title: "Stealin'" Artist: Queen Transcribed: Andrew B. B side to the single "Breakthru", from the album "The Miracle" Words and Music Queen (EMI). Decleration: This file is the authors onw work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research 'Stealin' by Queen- a B-side of the single 'Breakthru' g--------------------- d--------------------- a--4--4---4---------- e----------6---4------ ^ ^ ^ ^ Repeat this bass line until '40 seconds, Then play this. g--------------------- d--4--4---4---------- a----------6---4----- e--------------------- ^ ^ ^ ^ Play this for four bars, I think. Then play this; g--------------------- d--6--6---6---------- a----------8---6----- e--------------------- Play this for two bars, then return to the first pattern. Its pretty easy- 'It's the only way that I know' Andy
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