Queen - Show must go on

EmptyBm spaces, what are we living for? Abandoned plGaces, I guess we know the score. EmOn and on, does anyboF#dy know what we are looking Emfor? Another Bmhero, another mindless crime, Behind the cuGrtain, in the pantomime, EmHold the line, does anybF#ody want to take it anymEmore? The show must go oBmn, The show must go oGn. InEmside my heart is breaking, My F#make-up may be flaking, But my Emsmile stillBm stays on. Whatever Bmhappens, I'll leave it all to chance, Another Gheartache, another failed romance. EmOn and on, does anybF#ody know what we are livingEm for? I guess I'm Bmlearning I must be warmer now, I'll soon be tuGrning round the corner now, OuEmtside the dawn is breaking, but insF#ide in the dark I'm aching to beEm free. Bm The show must go oBmn, The show must go oGn. InsEmide my heart is breaking, My mF#ake-up may be flaking, But my sEmmile still Bmstays on. Bm G Em F# Em G
FMy soul is painGted like the wings oEmf butterflies, Am FFairy-tales of yestGerday will grEmow and never dAmie, A9I can fly, mDy friends. The show must goBm on, The show must go Gon. I'll fEmace it with a grin, I'F#m never giving in, on witEmh show. Bm G I'll Emtop the bill I'll overkill I have tF#o find the will to cary onEm, On with the ... F#On with the showEm The show must goBm on
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