Queen - Seven Seas Of Rhye

DFear me you G/Dlord and lady DpreachersG/D DI descend upon your earth from the sGkies I command your very souls you unbelDievers Bring beEmi7fore me what is A7mine The seven seas of DRhye Can you Dhear me you G/Dpeers and privy DcouncillorsG/D DI stand before you naked to the Geyes I will destroy any man who dares Dabuse my trust I sEmi7wear that you'll be A7mine At the seven seas of DRhye DSisterC IG7 live and lie for you DMisterC dG7o and I'll die You are Dmine I posEmsess you BeF#mlong to you forGeverF#m7, Emi7 ah Em9
INSTRUMENTAL:D, Bb, Eb7, Bb, Eb7, D GStorm the master marathon I'll fly through By flash and thunder fire I'll surCvive I'll survivEmi/Be I'll surAmvive Then I'll defy the Emi/Blaws of Cnature A7/C#And come out alDive BeDgone with you you G/Dshod and shady DsenatorsG/D DGive out the good leave out the bad evil Gcries I challenge the mighty titan and his Dtroubadours And Emi7with a smileF#mi7, G7+ I'll Gtake you to the seven seas of DRhye
INSTRUMENTAL: D G D G (repeat ad lib. to fade) Oh I do like to be beside the seaside Oh I do like to be beside the sea Oh I do like to stroll along the prom prom prom Where the brass bands play tiddley om pom pom Oh I do like to be beside the seaside Oh I do like to be beside the sea When I'm down beside the sea I'm beside myself with glee Beside the seaside Beside the sea
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