Queen - Seaside rendezvous

words & music: Freddie Mercury album: A Night At The Opera(1975) #1:
CSeaside whenever you stroll along with me I'm merely contemplating Gwhat you feel inside DmMeanwhile I ask you to Ambe my ClemenGtine You say you Cwill if you could but you can't FI Glove Cyou maFdly Let Emmy imagiFnation run Gmaway with you gladly A Cbrand new Gangle Emhighly commenAdable D#mSeaside DmrendezDvous
I feel so Fromantic can we do it again? Can we Gdo it again sometime (I'd like that) FanCtastic c'est la vie madame et monsA7ieur D7 And at the A#peak of the Aseason The G#MediterGranean AmThis time of Gyear it's so fashionable
I feel like Fdancing in the rain CAman I have a volunteeGr? (Just keep right on Cdancing) What a damn jolly good iAdea D7 It's such a A#jollifiAcation as a G#matter of Gfact AmSo 'tres charmant' my Gdear
Underneath the Cmoonlight (ooh-ooh) Together we'll sail across the sea GReminiscing every night DmMeantime I ask you to Ambe my ValenGtine You say you'd Chave to tell your daddy if you can GI'll be your DmValGenCtiAmno We'll Cride upon an omnibus and D#then the caCsino CGet a new D#facial sEmtart a sensA7ational F#Seaside GrendezCvous so adorable F#Seaside GrendezCvous ooh F#Seaside GrendezCvous Give us a kiss!
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