Queen - Say its not true

This was played in the recent tour of Europe. Written and sung by Roger Taylor of Queen. This was played on a 12 string acoustic but if you play it on a regular 6 string it sounds good. Rate this tab! NC= No chord HD= Hammer on and of D Verse NC C (HM) Fmaj7 (HD) The harder we play, the faster we fall. Am (HD) G When we think that we know it all, we know nothing at all. Chorus A C Say its not true, say it today, Am G When I open my eyes, will it all go away' A C Say its not true, say it for real Dm Fmaj7 C Cant be happening to you, cant be happening to me The words change a bit, email me if you want the rest. Buy the DVD and watch it. Rate tab!
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