Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister

Intro: Hm Verse
BmHey little babe you´re changing, F#m(7) babe are you feeling sore?,
It aG/Bin´t no use in preA/EtendEing you dGon´t wanna F#us2/F# play no mBmore
It´s plain that you ain´t no baby, what would your mother say, You´re all dressed up like a lady,
how cG5ome you F#mbehave this Bmway, F#mi/C#yeah
SDail away sweet sD/F#ister, sGail across the E/G#sea,
D/Amaybe you find somG/Aebody, to Alove you half as much as(D/A) me, Dmy heart is always D/F#with you, no mGatter what youE/G# do,
D/Asail away sweet G/Asister, I´ll aAlways be in love with yD, F#ou Solo (1st half of Verse)
Verse (2nd half of Verse): Forgive me for what I told you, my heart makes a fool of me, you know I´ll never hold you, I know that you gotta be free, yeah Chorus: Sail Away Sweet Sister, sail across the sea, maybe you find somebody to love you half as much as me, take it the way you want it, but when they let you down, my friend, sail away sweet sister back to my arms again Bridge:
DHot child don´t you kEmi7now, you´re young you got your D/F#whole life ahead of yGou,
A-aE7/G#aah you can thrAow it aF#7/A#way to sBmoon, D/Cway D7/Ctoo G/Dsoon G/B - E7/G#aaa - Hdimi/Faaa - aa Dah...
Solo (Chorus) Chorus
...I´ll always be in love with Hmi, Hm...you
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