Queen - Rain Must Fall

I can Csee it in your Amstars CLife is so exAmciting CActing so biAmzzare Your Cworld is so inAmviting FPlaying really Dmcool And Flooking so myDmsteriCous Ami, Choney Am FYour every day is Cfull of sunshine FBut into every Dmi7life a Glittle Crain must fall
No problem Uh Be cool now Anyone who imagines They can blind you with science Bully you all over With property and finance But you have the position To call the shots and name the price honey You found success and recognition But into every life a little rain must fall Flo Jo! SOLO
FYou lead a fairy Ctale existance FBut into every Dmi7life a Glittle Crain must fall
Be cool Hah Kiss kiss
DOthers seem to Bmthink You are Dover dramaBmtising DProblems at Bmwork So it's Dhardly suBmprising There's Glittle you can Emdo To Galter theirEm opiniDonsHmi, Dhoney Bm GYou want a clean Dreputation GBut now you're facing Dcomplications G'Cos into every Emi7life a Alittle Drain must fall
Be cool Get serious Alright Play it nice and cool Play it nice and cool That's good One more time Aha I like it
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