--------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUEEN – Play The Game --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Words and music by Freddie Mercury Tabbed by: Audio84ave Email:yaadi_k@hotmail.de Tuning: Standard (E,A,D,G,B,E)
e|-Am-0--|-Am7-5--|-Bb-6--|--C0--|-C7-0--|-Dm-1--|-Em-0--|-F-1--|-Fm1--|--G3--|-Gm-3--|-G#-4---| B|--1--|--5--|--6--|--1--|--1--|--3--|--0--|--1--|-1--|--3--|--3--|--4---| G|--2--|--5--|--7--|--0--|--3--|--2--|--0--|--2--|-1--|--0--|--3--|--5---| D|--2--|--5--|--8--|--2--|--2--|--0--|--2--|--3--|-3--|--0--|--5--|--6---| A|--0--|--7--|--8--|--3--|--3--|-----|--2--|--3--|-3--|--2--|--5--|--6---| E|-----|--5--|--6--|-----|-----|-----|--0--|--1--|-1--|--3--|--3--|--4---|
Verse: C C7 Open up your mind and let me step inside Am Fm Rest your weary head and let your heart decide Chorus: C Am Dm G It's so ea-sy when you know the rules C C7 F Fm It's so ea-sy all you have to do C Is fall in love G Play the game Am7 Bb G# Everybody play the game of love Ooh yeah Fill 1: e|---------------|-------------|--------------|----------| B|---------------|-------------|--------------|-------1--| G|---------------|-------------|--------------|----3—-0--| D|--5------5-----|-------------|--------------|-3--3--2--| A|--3------2-----|-8--7--6-----|-5------6-----|-3--1--3--| E|---------------|-6—-5--4-----|-3------4-----|-1--------| Verse: C C7 When you're feeling down and your resistance is low Am Fm Light another cigarette and let yourself go Chorus: C Am This is your life Dm G Don't play hard to get C C7 It's a free world F Fm C All you have to do is fall in love G Play the game - yeah Am7 Bb G# Everybody play the game of love Ooh yeah Fill 2: e|----------------|--------------| B|----------------|--------------| G|----------------|-----------5--| D|--5------5------|-----------5--| A|--3------2------|--8--7--5--3--| E|----------------|--6--5--3-----| Bridge: F Bb F My game of love has just begun Bb Dm G Love runs from my head down to my toes G Em My love is pumping through my veins (Play the game) C Em Driving me insane C (G') Come come come come come play the game Em C Gm Play the game play the game play the game Fill 3: e|----------------|--------------------------------|----------------------| B|----------------|--------------------------------|----------------------| G|----------------|--------------------------------|----------------------| D|---6------8-----|--------------------------------|--8-------------------| A|---6------8-----|--10109---10109---10109---10109-|--8-------------------| E|---4------6-----|--8-8-7---8-8-7---8-8-7---8-8-7-|--6-------------------| e|-----------------------|------------------| B|-----------------------|------------------| G|-----------------------|------------------| D|-----------------------|--6---------------| A|--776---776---7-9-10-7-|--6---------------| E|--554---554---5-7-8--5-|--4---------------| (SOLO) (using chords from the chorus) (CHORUS) Play the game Everybody play the game of love This is your life - don't play hard to get It's a free free world All you have to do is fall in love Play the game Yeah play the game of love Your life - don't play hard to get It's a free free world All you have to do is fall in love Play the game yeah everybody play the game of love Enjoy!
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