Queen - Nothin' But Blue

BmI'm nothin but blue AmI'm hearing you whisper BmThe way you used to do AmAnd I can't stop wondering Just hEmow things mDight have been G, AmiNo I'm nothin' but blue My lifeF has no rhytGhm BmSomehow its out of tune AmI keep trying to tell them BmWe'll be seeing them soon AmBut the truth keeps rushing back Guess yoEmu know what DI mean GNo I'm nothin' but bluAme Nothin'F, G but blue FNo use in crGying C#mThat aint F#what you would do ooh G#Living or G#, F#, G#dying C#mwe'll justF# keep on fighting through InstrumentaFl as FverFsesF, A No I can't stop wondering EmBout all those tDhings that might have been G, AmiNo I'm nothin' but blue Nothin'F, G but blue
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