Queen - My melancholy blues

Key: Eb Major Eb Bb
CmAnother party's over GmAnd I'm left cold sober
D/F# Fm6no5 Gbdim7 Gbhalfdim My baby left me for somebody new
FmI don't want to talk about it AbmWant to forget about it wanna
Eb/G Ebm/Gb Be intoxicated with that Bb7sus4/F Bb1 Special brew So come and
Ebget me GLet meG7 Abget in that sinAbmking feeling
Eb6/G Gbdim7 Fm7 that says my heart is on an all-time low
Ddim7So EbDon't expect me
G7To behave perfectly AbAnd wear that sunnAbmy smile
Eb6/G Gbdim7 My guess is I'm in for a
Fm7cloudy and overcast Gbdim7Don't try and stop me cos I'm
Eb/G Edim7 Fm FmM7 Fm7 heading for that stormy weather soon
AbI'm causing a mild sensation AbmWith this new occupation
Gm7I'm permenantly glCmued to Gm7this extraordinary Cmmood. So now move Fm7o-ver
Gbdim7let me take over with my Fm7Mel - Gbdiman - chol -Abm7 y Bb7Blues Eb
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