Queen - Mother love

Song: Mother Love Artist: Queen Album: Made In Heaven Year: 1995 Provided By Ben Brown Heres another cool song from Freddie
GmI don't want to sleep with you I don't nF/Geed the passion tEb/Goo GmI don't wF/Gant a stormy affEb/Gair GmTo make me fF/Geel my life is heading somewhEb/Gere EbAll I want is the comfort and care Cm7Just to know that my woman gives me sweet - Mother LGmove
EbI've walked too long in this lCm7onely lane Eb/Bb Dm7/AI've had enoughF/C of this sBbsus4ame old game I'm a mDman of the world and the sGmay that I'm strong CmBut me heart is heavy, and my hDope is gone
EbOut in the city, Cmin the cBb/Dold world outsEb/Bbide EbmI don't want pity, jCmust a saC#fe place to hiBbde MDama please, let me back insD7ide Gm
GmI don't want to make no waves But you can gF/Give me all the love that I cEb/Grave GmI can't tF/Gake it if you seEb/Ge me cry GmI long foF/Gr peace before I dEb/Gie EbAll I want is to know that you're there Cm7You're gonna give me all that sweet - Mother LoGmve
GmMe body's aching, but I can't sleep My dreams arF/Ge all the company I keEb/Gep EbGot such a feeling as the sun goes down Cm7I'm coming home to my sweet - Mother LoGmve
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