Queen - Made In Heaven

Intro: G1 Gm - Eb/G - Gm G1 Gm - Eb/G G1 Gm - Eb/G - Gm G1 Gm/D - Eb - F Verse
I´m taBking my ride with destiny, wiDmlling to play my Gmpart, B7Living with painful memories, loEsving with allEs/D my heCmart
Made in heC#aven, made in heAsaven, it was aFmll mBeant to Esbe, EsYeah, made in hC#eaven, made in B7heaven,
AsThat´s what they sayAs/G, can´t you Fmi7see? Bbm -maj7 Dbdim7 Eb5 E1 That´s what everybody says to me can't you see
AsI know, I kAs/Gnow, I know that it´s Fmi7true Yes it´s really mB7eant to be C#mi/E deep in my As1heart
Repeat intro figure 2nd Verse: I´m having to learn to pay the price, they´re turning me upside down, Waiting for Posibilities, don´t see too many around Chorus: Made in heaven, made in heaven, it was all to see, Made in heaven, made in heaven That´s what everybody says, everybody says to me, It was really meant to be, oh can´t you see? Yeah everybody everybody says Yes it´s really meant to be - deep in my heart Bridge:
When stormy wheC#ather comes aBmround, it was made inAs he(add9)aven, when sunny sC#kies break thCmi7rough behind the clB7/Douds,
I wish it could lAsast forever Es7/G, Fmi7oh, Bb7 Bbm7 Bb7 (Dhalfdim --> Ddim7) Wish it could last forever, forever
Solo (instr. chorus three halfsteps higher than normal choruses)
E, B, Abmi, Db, Gb, E, Db7 B, Gb(sus4), Db, Ab(sus4), F7/A
3rd Verse:
I´m plBaying my role in history, looDmking to find my gGm, oal, F/A BTaking in all thisB7 misery but gEsiving it allB/D my soCmul
Chorus Made in heaven, made in heaven, it was all meant to be, Made in heaven, made in Heaven,
TAshat´s what everybody As/Gsays, wait and Fmi7see, Bbm -maj7 Dbdim7 Eb5 E1 it was really meant to be, so plain to see
Yeah eAsverybody, eAs/Gverybody, evFmerybody tells me so B7Yes it was plain to see, Bmi/Dbyes it was meant to beC#mi7
Eb1 Ab1 Written in the stars Outro (Intro figure):
3x, As1 Ab1 Asmi Abm - E/Ab E/Ab, -, AbmiE/Ab
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