Wenas :P saludos al Emilio al Joaquin la Caro la Vale la Cony la Bianca el Cakeo Nico al al Jip al Mono al Armando al Nico primo del Jip :P al Frezeer al Panzhito al David al al Alex y ami brother y si se me fue alguien zorry que igual era caleta! Manuel ;P F#Dim: E|2| B|4| G|2| D|4| A|3| E|2|
LovCe of my life, you'Amve hurt me You'veDm broken my heart and nGow you leave me LoveC of my life, can't yFou see' BrinDmg it back, briAmng it back Don'Bbt take it away Ffrom me BecaBbuse yoAmu donDm't kGnow what it meanCs to meF
LovCe of my life, don't lAmeave me You taDmken my love you now Gdesert me Love Cof my life can't you sFee' BrinDmg it back, bring itAm back DoBbn't take it aAway from me BeBbcause yoAmu donDm't knGow what it meaCns to mFe
YouDm will remember whenAm this is flown over AndBb everything's all by the wayF Dm Am F#Dim When I grow older I will be there at your side To remind you how I stGmill love you I stillC7 love you
BacDmk, hurry bAmack PleBbase bring it Fback home to me Bb Am Dm G C BFecause you don't know what it means to me LDmove of my life LAmove of my life huBb.. hu..Bbm yeah yeah yeFah
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