Queen - Life is real chords ver. 1

Life Is Real - Queen 1.Guilt stains on my pillow, 2.blood on my terraces 5.Sleeping is my leisure 6.Waking up in a minefield SOLO (2 times) 15.Music will be my mistress 16.Loving like a hore 18.Life is real, life is real, life is real, so real G G/F# E- E-/D E------3---------3----------0--------0-- B------3---------3----------0--------0-- G---0-----0---0-----0-----0---0----0---0 D--------------------------------0------ A--------------------------------------- E-3---------2-----------0--------------- 3.Torsos in my closet, shadows from my past 7.Dream is just a pleasure dome, Love is a roulette wheel 17.Lennon is a genious, Living in ev'ry pore C C/B C A-7 E-----0-------0-------0-------0-- B-----1-------1-------1-------1-- G---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0 D-------------------------------- A-3-------2-------3-------0------ E-------------------------------- 4.Life is real, life is real, life is reeeal, so real 8.Life is real, life is real, life is reeeal, oh yeah G G/F# B- D F/C C G E------3---------3----------2--------3---------1---------0------2 B------3---------3----------3--------2---------1---------1------2 G---0-----0---0-----0---4-----4---3-----3---2-----2---0-----0---0 D-------------------------------0-------------------------------0 A---------------------2-------------------3---------3-----------2 E-3---------2---------------------------------------------------3 In similar way the arpeggio continues... B- Bb+5 D/A G 9.Success is my breathing space I bought it all myself
10.I will price it I will cash it I canF#7 take it or leave it D C/D B- 11.Loneliness is my hiding place breastfeeding myself
F#/A# D/A E- 12.what more can I say I have swalowed the biter pills
13.I can Gtaste it I can G/Ataste it life is reaDl C/D life is reaDl C/D 14.life is reF/Cal C F/C C
Chords: G 320033 G/F# 220033 E - 022000 E-/D xx0000 C x32010 C/B x22010 A-7 x02010 B - x24432 D xx0232 F/C x33211 Bb+5 xx433x D/A x00323 F#7 242322 C/D xx0010 F#/A# 4x4322 G/A x00022
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