Queen - Liar

This is my first contribution to the site, so bear with me here. I was looking at the tab on here for the bass solo to Liar by Queen, and let's face it, it's COMPLETELY off. So over the course of an afternoon I worked it out to what I believe to be as close as possible, hopefully you guys will agree. At about the 4:57 mark (at the end of the "All day long" bit), the bass goes into the following little riff: G |-----------------------------------------| D |-----------------------------------------| A |--------------------------------7-5-7----| E |-3-0-0---0-3-0-0---0-3-0-0---0-----------| Play the above three times, then it goes into this bass run: G |--------------------------8-----| D |---------------9--11--12--------| A |-7--9--10--12-------------------| E |--------------------------------| This leads into the infamous bass solo itself: G |-9--11--12--11--9--11--12--11--9--11--12--11--9--11--12--11------| D |-----------------------------------------------------------------| A |-----------------------------------------------------------------| E |-----------------------------------------------------------------| This is repeated three times, then ends with a final bass run: G |--9--7--5--4--2--0----------------------------------------| D |---------------------4--2--0------------------------------| A |-------------------------------3--2--0--2--0---------2----| E |-----------------------------------------------3--2-------| Hope you guys enjoy, let me know if there are any changes you would suggest!
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