Queen - Let me in your heart again

By Avant. Enjoy! Intro: G C G C G C G Em D/F#
GWhen people talk Emof love I'll lead the CconversatioGn D G GI'll say I feel jEmust fine Happy with my sCituation G D G
AmBut when I lGook Daway AmPeople knoGw my Dmind is straying GTo where I oEmnce belonged Dreaming about youCr heart aGgain D(Your heartG again) DYour heart aGgain DLet me inEm yoDurC heart aGgain GListenC to me hGoney Em D/F# G C G Em D/F#
GWe laugh to faEmce the blues CI give yourG satisfaction D(It's yourG heart again) GDespair was onEm your mind I gave you the Cright direGction D(It's your hGeart again)
AmSometimes you walDk away AmRemember it's my hDeart you're breaking GYou forget we wEmere in love Now my heart is only fiClled with paiGn D(Your hearGt again) DYour hearGt again DLet me inEm yoDurC heart aGgain
D/F# G D/F# G D Em D C G
FOh, my love CI want youG to stay DmDon't leave me now COr I just faGde away FOh, my love CDon't hurtG me this way
Solo: A D A D A D A E A D A D A D A E C G/B D
BbDon't let me wait too long COr I'll lose my mind
GWhen people talkEm of love I hCave no hesGitation D(It's your hGeart again) GTell me what yEmou're dreaming of I'll hold thaCt conversationG for you, babe D(It's yoGur heart again)
AmBut when I Dlook away AmPeople know my miDnd is straying, baby GTo where I oEmnce belonged Just let mCe in your heart Gagain DYour hearGt again D G DOh, let meEm in your DheCart aGgain
DOpen tGhe doorsD for me,G babe D Em D C G G C G C repeat until fade
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