Queen - Leaving home aint easy

LEAVING HOME AIN'T EASY – queen Intro: e|------------------------------------------------------| B|-1---3---6---6\5----1---3---4---6\4---6/8--10\8--10---| G|-2---4---7---7\6----2---4---3---5\3---5/7---9\7-----9-| D|-1---3---6---6\7----1---3---5---7\5---7/9--11\9----11-| F6/A - A A|-0---0---0---0-0----0---0---0---0-0---0-0---0-0-------| E|------------------------------------------------------|
I take a Em step out-A side and I Em breathe theA air And I Em slam theA door and I'm C#m on myF#m way I won't Bm lay noE blame I won't Bm call yoEu names 'Cause I've Bm made myE Break And I C#m won't lookF#m back C#m7 E7/C# F#m I've turned my back to those Dmaj7 endA- leGss games.
I'm all Em through withA ties I'm all Em tired ofA tears I'm aEm happyA man Don't it C#m look thatF#m way? Shaking Bm dust from myE shoes There's a Bm road a-E head And there's Bm no way bacDmaj7k home (no way backE6 home) Ohh but I have to say
Amaj7 LeavingEm home ain'Dmaj7t easy Oh I never Esus4 thought it would beE easy Amaj7 LeavingEm on youDmaj7r own Oh is a Esus4 million thingEs calling me (back) Amaj7 Em D F#7/C# Leaving home ain't ea- sy Bm F A E7 A F6/A - A On the one your leaving home
e|-----------------------------/-------------------------------------------| B|1-----3-------6-----6-s----5-/---1----3--------4--6--4----6-s-8-10--8--10| G|2-----4-------7-----7-s----6-/---2----4--------3--5--3----5-s-7--9--7---9| D|1-----3-------6-----6-s----7-/---1----3--------5--7--5----7-s-9-11--9--11| A|0-----0-------0-----0------0-/---0----0--------0--0--0----0---0--0--0----| E|-----------------------------/--------------------------------------------| Stay my love my love please stay /Stray my love whats wrong my love? Whats right my love?
Amaj7 LeavingEm home ain'Dmaj7t easy Oh god how could I Esus4 think of lea-E vin' (home) Amaj7 LeavingEm on youDmaj7r own Still try to per-Esus4 suade mEe that (leavin' home) Amaj7 Em D F#7/C# Leaving home ain't ne- ce- Bm ssa-F ryA- D/Aly FtheE onD- ly way
Amaj7 Em D F#7/C# Leaving home ain't ea- sy Bm F A E7 A F6/A - A But may be the only way // F6/A x0323x A x02220 C#m7 x46454 E7/C# x4675x Dmaj7 xx0222 x57675 E6 022120 Amaj7 x02120 Esus4 022200 F#7/C# x44320 D/A x0423x
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