Queen - Jesus

Jesus - Queen Tabbed by: ME Tuning: Standard Easy song. Solo Rhythm 2,3,4 are really hard to hear but I'm pretty sure they are right. I didn't say how many times to do each part but most are either done 4 or 8 times. I didn't tab out any of the solos because that would have taken a long time. Intro/Verse 1 and 2 and 4/Solo Rhythm part 1 Bm Bm F# Bm e|----------2---------| B|3----3----2----3----| G|4----4----3----4----| D|4----4----4----4----| A|2----2----4----2----| E|----------2---------| Chorus |At the end of each chorus: D A G A D A G F# e|-----5----3----5----||-----5----3----2----| B|7----5----3----5----||7----5----3----2----| G|7----6----4----6----||7----6----4----3----| D|7----7----5----7----||7----7----5----4----| A|5----7----5----7----||5----7----5----4----| E|-----5----3----5----||-----5----3----2----| Verse 3 |Last time play: C C G C C C G D e|--------------------||--------------------| B|--------------------||--------------------| G|5----5---------5----||5----5--------------| D|5----5----5----5----||5----5----5----7----| A|3----3----5----3----||3----3----5----7----| E|----------3---------||----------3----5----| Solo Rhythm part 2 Bm Bm e|------------------------------| B|3----3------------------------| G|4----4------------------------| D|4----4------------------------| A|2----2----5--4--2-------------| E|-------------------5--3--2----| Solo Rhythm part 3 Play this once: ||Repeat this several times: E D E D E D e|--------------------||----------------| B|--------------------||----------------| G|9----7----9----7----||9----7--7--7----| D|9----7----9----7----||9----7--7--7----| A|7----5----7----5----||7----5--5--5----| E|--------------------||----------------| Solo Rhythm part 4 ||Hold this E for a long time: E D C# C B E e|-------------------------||-----| B|-------------------------||-----| G|9----7----6----5----4----||9----| D|9----7----6----5----4----||9----| A|7----5----4----3----2----||7----| E|-------------------------||-----| Solo Rhythm part 5 (play once) E E E E e|----------------| B|----------------| G|9--9----9--9----| D|9--9----9--9----| A|7--7----7--7----| E|----------------|
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