Queen - It´s A Beautiful Day chords ver. 1

Intro: Dsus2
It´s a beautiful dDay, tGm6/Dhe sun(xx0353) is shi Dning, I Gm6/Dfeel goo Dd and nGo-one´s gonna stop me C/Dnow oh YDeah It´s a beautifulD day, IGm6/D feel goDod, I fG/Deel riDght and nCo-oGne GNo-one´s gonna stop me now, MamaC/D, D B Sometimes I feel so sad, so As/Bbsad, soAs baG, Ebd Esbut no-one´s gonna stop me now Esno DonCm7(8xx886)e, Gmi7It´s (3xx331) hopeless ? so hCmi/Gopeless to even trC/D, Dy
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