Queen - It's A Hard Life

I Cmi7don't want my freedom There's no Esreason for liD7ving With a broken Bheart
BThis is a Estricky situGmation BI've only B/Dgot myself to Cmblame It's just a Bsimple fact of life It could Ashappen to ev'ryone
EsYou win, B/Dyou loose CmIt's a chance you Gmhave to take with love EsOh, yes, I B/Dfell in love CmAnd now you say it's Gmover And I'm falling aAspart, Fyeah, yeah
It's a Bhard Dmlife To Esbe true lovers toBgether To Eslove and live foBrever in each other's Fhearts Es/G, As, F/A It's a Blong hard Dmfight To Eslearn to care for each Bother To Estrust in one aBnother right from the Fstart When you are in Eslove
I try and mend the broken pieces I try to fight back the tears They say it's just a state of mind But it happens to everyone How it hurts - deep inside When your love has cut you down to size Life is tough - on your own Now I'm waiting for something to fall from the skies And I'm waiting for love Yes it's a hard life Two lovers together To love and live forever in each others hearts It's a long hard fight To learn to care for each other To trust in one another - right from the start When you're in love
SOLO As, Es/G, Fm, Cm, As, Es/G, Fm, Cm, B, F Yes it's a hard life In a world that's filled with sorrow There are people searching for love in ev'ry way It's a long hard fight But I'll always live for tomorrow I'll look back on myself and say I did it for love Yes I did it for love - for love - oh I did it for love
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