Queen - Is this the world we created

D A/D D7 G/D Bb Gm6 D/F# Dsus9
BmJust look at all those hungry mF#m7ouths we have to fEm7eed BmTake a look at all the sF#m7uffering we brEm7eed Dsus4/ASo many lD/Aonely faces scEsus4attered all arEmound F#Searching for what they nG/Deed Em7
Is this the wDorld we creA/Dated' What dDid we dA/Do it fG/Dor' Is this the wBmorld we invaded F#mAgainst the lAaw' So it sDeems in the A/Dend Is thD7is what we're all lG/Diving for todBbay' The wGm6orld that we creD/F#ated Dsus9
BmYou know that every day a hF#m7elpless child is bEm7orn BmWho needs some loving caF#m7re inside a haEm7ppy home Dsus4/ASomewhereD/A a wealthy manEsus4 is sitting onEm his throne F#Waiting for life to gG/Do by Em7
Is this the wDorld we creA/Dated' We maDde it oA/Dn our G/Down Is this the wBmorld we devastated F#mRight to the Abone' If therDe's a God inA/D the sky looking down What D7can he think ofG/D what we've dBbone To thGm6e world that He D/F#createDsus9d'
**I just completed the chord for the whole song-easier for those who have to scroll back to look at the chrd from earlier verses. Due credit below** Credits: Michael (http://www.queensongs.info/tabs/the-works/is-this-the-world-we- created-chords-2.html)
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