Queen - In the lap of the gods

It's so DeasyDsus4, but I can't Ddo it Dsus4 SoD risky - but I gotta Gchance it So fEmunny, there's nothing to laugh about My monEmey, tDhat's all you Emwanna talk about
I can Dsee F#mwhat F#m5you Bwant me to Embe But EmI'm Dno fAool
It's in the Dlap of the Gods C D B EmOooo-Doooo Emla la Ala
AI can sDee wAhat yDou wEmant Bme tEmo bGe But GI'm Dno fAool
No beginning, there's no ending There's no meaning in my pretending Believe me, life goes on and on and on Forgive me when I ask you where do I belong You say I can't set you free from me But that's not true It's in the lap of the Gods Wo wo la la la wo I can see what you want me to be But I'm no fool
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