Queen - Im in love with my car

Introduction : Starts with chord of D played repeatedly for about 8 bars with an accompanying treble line D (for about 8 bars) Em Ooohhh Main Section :
G The machine of aD dream. C Such a clean machine. EmWhen the pistons a puGmpin', D And the hubcaps all gCleam. EmWhen I'm holding your wheel, G All I hear is your gear, DWhen my hand's on your grease gun, C * Play this in same place during the other verses Oh, it's like a disease son.
Em I'm in love with my cGar. DGotta feel for my aCutomobile. Em Get a grip on my bGoy racer rollerbar, DSuch a thril when your rCadials squeal.
B Told my girl I just had to forget her, C Rather, buy me a new carborettor, B So she made tracks saying this is the end now,C Cars don't talk back, C D (similar to intro) they're just four wheeled friends now.
Em When I'm holding your wheel,G All I hear is your gear, D When I'm cruising in overdrive,C Don't have to listen to no run of the mill talk jive.
Em G D C * I'm in love with my car. Gotta feel for my automobile.
Em I'm in love with my Gcar. DString back gloves in my Cautomolove.
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