Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad

DWhen the outside temperature rises Em7dim5and the meaning is oh so cC#dimi/Elear DOne thousand and one yellow daffodils Em7domibegin to dance in front of youC#dimi/E, oh dear F#7Are they trying to tell you something? GYou're missing that one final screw, F#7You're simply not in the pink my dear, Gto be honest you haven't got a clue.
A9, A7, A9, A7 Chorus: DI'm goingDmdim5 slightly Em7dim5mad DI'm goingDmdim5 slightly Em7dim5mad It finallyF happened, it finaEmlly happened,
I'm slightly mad. Em7dim5: xx2333 C#dim/E: 0x2323 F#7: xx4320 A9: x05600 A7: x05650 Dmdim5: xx0131
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