Îò: for www.ultimate-guitar.com <ultiguit@ds1.express.ru> Êîìó: <submit@ultimate-guitar.com> Òåìà: New Tabs Äàòà: 30 èþíÿ 2000 ã. 20:51 Queen,Hammer to fall. Tabbed by Ross O'keefe, keefie@fsmail.net. From: keefie@fsmail.net (Ross O-Keefe) Date: 29 Jun 2000 14:46:37 GMT Subject: - Queen 'Hammer to fall¦. I-m not totally sure if these chords are dead accurate but they sound pretty good when played along with the record. Intro A | D | A | D | A | D | E | A x2 Verse 1
AHere we Dstand, Ahere we Dfall, AhistorDy don-t Ecare at Aall AMake the Dbed, lAight the lDight; lAady Dmercy won-t be Ehome tonAight
AYou don-t Ewaste no Dtime at Aall, don-t hear the bell but you Danswer the ACall. Comes to Eyou and Dto us Aall, while you-re waiting for the HaDmmer AFall.
Link: A | D | A | D | A | D | E | A Verse 2
AEvery Dnight, and Aevery Dday,A a little Dpiece of you is fEalling aAway ALift your Dface, Athe western Dway; Abuild your Dmuscles as your Ebody deAcays
Chorus 2 Toe your line and play the game, let the anaesthetic cover it all Till one day they call your name, you know it-s time for the Hammer to fall Link: E F# E A D A G D GD Rich or poor or famous but your truth; it-s all the same Oh No Oh No
ELock your door but rF#ain is pouring tEhrough the windowpAane DOh ENo Baby, now your sAtruggles are in Emvein
Solo: B | E | B E | G A | x2 C | C | C | C | x2 A E |D A | A | D A|x2 Link to 3rd verse: D A| D (3\4)| D(4\4) Verse 3 You who grew up tall and proud, in the shadow of the mushroom cloud Convinced our voices can-t be heard, so we want to scream it louder and louder and louder Chorus 3
AWhat the Ehell we Dfighting Afor' Just surrender and it won-t Dhurt us Aall AJust got Etime to Dsay your pArayers, while your waiting for the DHammer to
Hammer to fall Play link x6 End: A| (let ring for 3 bars) N.C. A Give it to me one more time. Some of the lyrics may be a bit off; I did this transcription by ear only, lyrics and chords. I would have tabbed the solo but I can-t play lead guitar. Any comments, don-t hesitate. ***********************/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Ross O'Keefe. Rhythm guitar master//// nice -n- Easy********* E- Mail= keefe@fsmail .net. //// ///////////////////////////////////////////********************** ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////***********************
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