Queen - Drowse

D, A 3x It's the Dsad eyed C#mgoodC#mi7bye Bm7Yesterday's moments I reGmember A7 It's the Dbleak street, C#mweek C#mi7kneed Bm7partings I reGcall A7 It's the Dmistier mists the C#hazier days The Bm7brighter sun and the Aeasier lays There's Gall the more reason for Dlaughing and crying When you're Dmaj7younger and life isn't Atoo hard at all
D, A 2x It's the Dfantastic drowse of the C#mafternoon C#mi7Sundays That Bm7bored you to rages of tears G, A7 The Dunending pleadings to C#mwaste all your C#mi7good times In Bm7thoughts of your middle-aged Gyears A7 It's the Dvertical hold all the C#things that you're told For the Bm7everyday hero it Aall turns to zero And Gthere's all the more reason for Dliving or dying When you're Dmaj7young and your troubles are Aall very small
D, A 2x EOut here on the street G#we'd gather and meet And Ascuff up the sidewalk with Cendlessly Drestless feet EHalf on the time G#we'd broaden our Aminds More in the pool hall than we Cdid in the Dschool hall EWith the down town G#chewing gum bums AWatching the night life the F#lights and the Dfun A
D, A DNever wanted to be the C#mboy next door C#mi7 Bm7Always thought I'd be Gsomething more A7 DBut it ain't easy for a C#msmall town boy C#mi7 Bm7It ain't easy at Gall A7 DThinkin' it right C#and doin' it wrong Bm7It's easier from an arm Achair GWaves of alternatives wash Gover my sleepiness Dmaj7Have my eggs poached for Abreakfast I guess
D, A (fade out) Recitativ: I think I'll be Clint Eastwood Jimi Hendrix he was good Let's try William the Conqueror Now who else do I like?
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