Queen - Dreamers ball

Dreamer's Ball - Mercury [tab by AatvZa] Intro: A C#7 D Ebdim7 A E A E+5 Verse1: A A7-5 D Ebdim7 A E A_Amaj7_A7 A7-5 I used to be your baby, I used to be your pride and joy D Ebdim7_A_E_A A7-5 You used to take me dancin', just like any other boy E E7/G# D Ebdim7 A But now you've found another partner, you've left me like a broken toy _A/C#_D_Ebdim7_A E+5
It's sAomeone else you're takinA7-5g, sDomeone else you're Ebdim7playing Ato E A--Amaj7--A7 A7-5 D Ebdim7 A_E_A A7-5 And honey, 'though I'm aching, I know just what I have to do E E7/G# D Ebdim7 A If I can't have you when I'm waking, I'll go to sleep and dream of you _A/C#_D_Ebdim7_A E+5
Oh, Atake me, take me, C#7take me to the dreamer's F#mball A7 I'll be Dright on Atime and I'll Ddress so Afine B7 E E6 E7 _Ebdim7 You're gonna love me, when you see me, I won't have to wor-ry Oh, tAake me, C#7take me, Dpromise not to Ebdim7wake me in the Amorning, when it's all E been tArue E+5
Instrum. intermezzo (chords as in verses) Chorus:
Oh, Atake me, take me, C#7take me, I'm your play thing F#mnow A7 You make my Dlife worth wAile, Dwith the slightest Asmile B7 E E6 E7 _Ebdim7 Or destroy me with a barely perceptible whis-per AGently C#7take me, reDmember I'll be Ebdim7dreamin' of my baby aAt the dreameEr's ball A E+5
Instrum: A A7/C# C#7 D A D A D A B7 E E6 E7 Ebdim7 End:
Oh, Atake me, C#7hold me, rDemember what youEbdim7 told me, you'dA meet me at the dEreamers baAll.
D...Ebdim7........I'll Ameet you at the Edreamer's Aball E+5 A
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