Queen - Don't stop me now chords ver. 1

so sorry if chord not complete just enjoy and thankyou Abe Mandar
ToniFght, I'm gonna have myAmself a real Dmgood time I feel Gmali - Ami - Bbi - Cive and the Fworld I'll F7turn it inside Bbout, yeah And F#dim7floating around in D7ecstasy So Gmdon't Amstop Bbme Gmnow Gmdon't Amstop Bbme 'Cause I'm Gmhaving a good time, Chaving a good time
I'm a shoFoting star, leaping through the Amsky Like a Dmtiger defying the Gmlaws of graviCty I'm a raFcing car, passing Amby like Lady GoDmdiva I'm gonna Gmgo , Amgo, Bbgo CThere's no stopping Fme
I'm buF7rnin' through the Bbsky, yeah Two F#dim7hundred degrees That's why they D7call me Mister FahrenGmheit I'm traD7veling at the speed of Gmlight I wanna make a Bbsupersonic man out of Cyou
FDon't stGmop Amme Dmnow, I'm having such a Gmgood time I'm Chaving a ball FDon't stGmop Amme Dmnow If you wanna have a Gmgood time, just F#dim7give me a call GmDon't Amstop Bbme Gmnow ('cause I'm having a good time) GmDon't Amstop Bbme Gmnow (yes, I'm havin' a good time) I don't want to stCop at allBb7
Yeah, I'm a rocket ship on my way to Mars On a collision course I am a satellite, I'm out of control I am a sex machine, ready to reload Like an atom bomb about to Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh explode
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