FI wake up Bb/FI feel just fine' FYour face Bb/FFills my mind FI get religion quick Bb/FBecause youre looking divine BbHoney youre starting something C/Bb Youre touching me
BbIm under your thumb, under yourDmspellEbCant you Csee Chorus:
FIf I could only reach you CIf I could make you smile BbIf I could only reach you That would really be a BreakFthru Oh yeah.
FBreakthru TheseEb9/Fbarriers of pain FBreakthru into theFsus4sunshine from the rain DmMake my feelings known towards you, turn my heart inside and Fout for you now BbSomehow, I have to make this Dmfi Cnal Bbbreakthru Bb9/C
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