Queen - Bohemian rhapsody

Bb6Is this the real life? C7Is this Bb6just C7fantasy? CaF7ught in a Cm7land - F7slide, Bbno escape Cm7from rBbe - ality. GmOpen your eyes, look Bb7up to the skies and Ebsee. Cm I'm just a poor boy, F7 F7 I need no sympathy, because I'm Beasy Bbcome, Aeasy Bbgo, Blittle Bbhigh, Alittle Bblow. EbAnyway the Bb/Dwind blowC#s doesn't rF/Ceally matFter to me, tBbo__ me.
BbMama just Gmkilled a man, Cm put a gun against his head, pulled my Cm/Ftrigger, now he's Fdead. BbMama, life had Gmjust begun, Cm7but now I've gone and B+thrown it Eb/Bball F/Aa - way. Fm/Ab EbMama, Bb/Dooh Cmdidn't meanFm to make you cry. If BbI'm not back again this time Ebtomorrow, car - rBb/Dy on, car - Cmry on as if Abmnothing really Ebmatters. Ab Eb Eb Fm7 Bb
Verse 2: Bb6 C7 Bb6 C7 F7 Cm7 F Too late, my time has come, sends shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time. Goodbye, everybody, I've got to go, gotta leave you all behind and face the truth. Mama, ooh I don't want to die,
I Bbsometimes wish I'd never been born at aEbll
(4/4 beat) Bb/D | Cm | Fm | Bb7 Eb Gm/D | Cm | Fm | Db Db/Cb Bbm [Verse 3] (faster)
A DI Asee a Alit - tle Asil – Dhou - etA - toA of a man. AScar - a - mDouche, AScar - a – Dmouche,A will youA do theA Fan -D dan -A go?
Db/AbThunderbolt andAb lightning C/G very, verEy fright'ninAg me.
No Chords Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo - Figaro, Magnifico___.
BI'm Bbjust a Apoor Bbboy and Bno - Bbbod - y Aloves Bbme. AbHe's Ebjust a Ebpoor Ebboy Abfrom a Ebpoor Ebfam - i - Ebly. AbSpare him his Eb/Glife from this mFon - stros - i - tBby. Ab Eb/G F# Fm7
BEasy Bbcome, Aeasy Bbgo, Bwill you Bblet me Ago? BbBis - Ebmil - lah! No, Bbwe will not let you go. -Eb Let him go! Bismillah! BbWe will not let you goEb. - Let him go! BbBismillah! We will not let you go. - Let me go.
Will not let you go. - Let me go. Will not let you go. - Let me go.
Gb7Ahhhhhhhhh BmNo, Ano, Dno, Dbno, Gbno, Bbno, Ebno. (No chords) Oh mama mia, mama mia, EbMama mia, let me Bbgo. EbBe - el - Abze - bub hDas a devil Gmput asideBb for me, for me, for me.
Eb F7
Bb7 So you Eb/Bbthink you can Bbstone me and Ebspit in my BbeyeDb. Bb7 So you Eb/Bbthink you can Bblove me and Ebleave me to Abdie. FmOh, Bbbaby, Fm can't do this to me, baBbby. Fm7Just gotta get Bbout, Fm7just gotta get Bbright outta Ebhere. Bb7
(slowly, a tempo) Eb Bb/D Cm G Cm G7 Cm Bb7 Eb D Gm Ab Eb
NCmothing really Gmmatters, Cmanyone can Gmsee. NCmothing really Abmmatters, Bb11nothing really matters toEb me. Ab/Eb Eb Eb Bb/D Bbm/Db C7 C7-9 C7 F
BbAny - Fway the Abwind Gm7blows. End on F
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