Queen - Bohemian Rapsody

Bohemian Rapsody - QUEEN Intro: (slowly)
B6Is this the real life? C7Is this B6just C7fantasy? CF7aught in aCmi7 land -F7 slide, no eBscape fromCmi7 re - Bality.
GmOpen your eyes, look B7up to the skies and Essee. Cm I'm just a poor boy, F7 I need no sympathy, because I'm
Beasy Bcome, Aeasy Bgo, Blittle Bhigh, Alittle Blow. EsAnyway the B(Dbass)wind blows C#dimidoesn't really maF(Cbass)tter to meF, to_____ meB.
BMama_____ just Gmkilled a man, put a Cmgun against his head, pulled my trigger, now he's Fdead. BMama,____ life had Gmjust begun, but Cmi7now I've gone and H+thrown it Es(BbBass)all a - F(Abass), Fm(AbBass)way. EsMama, B(Dbass)ooh________Cm__ didn't Fmmean to make you cry.
If BI'm not back again this time toEsmorrow, car - ry B(Dbass)on, car - ry Cmon as if Asminothing really Esmatters.____As, Eb, Ebdimi, Fmi7, Bb Verse 2: Too late,_____ my time has come, sends shivers down my spine, body's aching all the time. Goodbye, everybody, I've got to go, gotta leave you all behind and face the truth. Mama, ooh_____ I don't want to die,
I Bsometimes wish I'd never been born at alEsl. B(Dbass), Cmi, Fmi, Bb7, Eb, Gm(Dbass), Cmi, Fmi, Db, Db(CbBass), BbmiVerse 3: (faster) A, DI Asee a Adimilit - tle siAl - hou - etD - to ofA a maAdimin. AScar - a - mDouche, AScar - a - mDouche, Awill you Adimido the FaAn - daDn - goA?
C#(AbBass)Thunderbolt and Aslightning C(Gbass)very, very Efright'ning Ame. No Chords Gallileo, Gallileo, Gallileo, Figaro, Magnifico.__________ BI'm Bjust a Apoor Bboy and Bno - Bbod - y Aloves Bme. AsHe's Esjust a Esdimipoor boEsy frAsom a poEsor faEsdimim - i - ly.Es AsSpare him his Es(Gbass)life from this Fmon - stros - i - Bty.
As, Eb(Gbass), F#dimi, Fmi7 BEasy Bcome, Aeasy Bgo, Bwill you Blet me Ago? BBis - Esmil - lah!
No, Bwe will not let you goEs. Bismillah! BWe will not let you goEs. Bismillah! BWe will not let you go.
Will not let you go. Will not let you go.
F#7Ahhhhhhhhh________________________________ BmNo, Ano, Dno, C#no, F#no, Bno, Esno. EsMama mia, let me Bgo. Be - Esel - ze - Asbub has a Ddevil put aGmside for Bme, for me,______ for me.______
Es, F7 B7 So you Es(BbBass)think you can Bstone me and Esspit in my B, Dbeye.______
B7 So you Es(BbBass)think you can Blove me and Esleave me to Asdie.______ FmOh,______ Bbaby,_____Fm_ can't do this to me, Bbaby.______
Fmi7Just gotta get Bout, Fmi7just gotta get Bright outta Eshere.______ B7 (slowly, a tempo) Es, Bb(Dbass), Cmi, G, Cmi, G7, Cmi, Bb7, Eb, D, Gmi, Ab, Eb NCmothing really Gmmatters, Cmanyone can Gmsee.
NCmothing really Asmimatters, nB11othing really matters to Es, Ab(EbBass)me.______ Es, Ebdimi, Bb(Dbass), Bbm(DbBass), C7, C7-9, C7, F BAny - Fway the Asowind Gmi7blows.
End, on, F
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