Queen - Back Chat

Ami, C, Dmi, F, G (1) Back Amchat, back chat, you burn Call my energy Back Dmchat, back chat, critiFcizing all you see Back Amchat, back chat, anaClyzing what I say Back Dmchat, back chat, & you Falways get your way
Oh yeah see what you've done to me Back chat, back chat you're driving me insane It's a battle to the end, Knock you down you come again Talk back, talk back you've got me on the rack Twisting every word I say Wind me up and get your way Fat chance I have of making a romance If I'm ever going to win I'll have to get the last word in Take it from there Twisting every word I say Wind me up and get your way Opakuj (1)
Wake Amup stand up And Cdrag yourself on out Get Dmdown get ready Fscream and Gshout Back Amoff be cool And Clearn to change your ways Cos you're dmitalking on your sleep And your Fwalking in a Gdaze Don't push your luck I'm ready to attack Cos when I'm trying to talk to you All you do is just talk back You stand so tall, You don't frighten me at all Don't talk back (3X), Just leave me alone Opakuj (1) Yes you do...
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