Queen - Another World

FIn another worlGmd C7, F Under another sky Dm I see another storGmy waitiC7ng To be toldF F And another You - Gmwakes up - C7, F With another Me DmFor that's the wayGmi, C7 we've come to be In Another WorldF In a diDmfferent place Way 'cross Time anGmd Space The door is open wide Drawn to a differDment light GmMaybe we'll step insideC7 F In Another WorldGm C7, F We can show we care Dmi, C7You can be sure I'm waiting there - In Another WorldF solo part goes up one like this: BGm CmCm F7F7 BB GmBb CmCm F7F7 BBb BGm CmCm F7F7 BB Gm, Cm, F7, B Gm When the dice weGmre cast They laid a crazy pDmath we follow to our Gmi, C7graves But I know in differeDmnt world We journey a differentDmi7 way F So we live but lifeGm C7 Isn't what it seeFms Dm We're only liviGmi, C7ng in our dreams In Another WorldF You can belieGmi, C7ve I'll meet you here In Another WorldF
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