Part 1 x2 Part 2,1 G/------------------/ G/-----------------------------/ D/------------------/ D/-----------5-----------------/ A/------------------/ A/-3-3-3-4-5------3-3-3-4-5----/ E/-0-0-0-000-3-0-5--/ E/-------------3-------------3-/ Part 2,2 G/-----------------------------/ D/-----------5-----------------/ A/-3-3-3-4-5-------------------/ Then play part 1 three times E/-------------3--5-5-5-6-7--3-/ Part 3 G/-------------------/ D/-------------------/ A/-------------------/ Then play part 1 one time and then the song is over E/-2--7-6-5-5-5-2--3-/
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