Queen - All dead all dead

She Dmicame witAhout a Dmifarthing A babe withAout a Dminame So much aCdo 'bout Fnothing Is Gmiwhat she's Atry to Dmisay
So Dmimuch aAdo my Dmilover So many Agames we Dmiplayed Through ev'ry Cfleeted Fsummer Through Gmiev'ry Aprecious Dmiday
CAll Fdead Gmiall Fdead All the Bbdreams we Fhad And I wonder why I Dmistill live Bbon C F CAll Fdead Gmiall Fdead And aBblone I'm Fspared My sweeter A7half insDmitead All Bbdead and Fgone all Bbdead
(Instrumental Verse)
CAll Fdead Gmiall Fdead At the Bbrainbow's Fend And still I hear her Dmiown sweet Bbsong C F CAll Fdead Gmiall Fdead Take me Bbback agFain You know my A7little Dmifriend's All Bbdead and Fgone
(Solo - sorry, I haven't it)
Her Dmiways are Aalways Dmiwith me I wonder Aall the Dmiwhile But please you Cmust forFgive me I am Gmiold but Astill a Dmichild
CAll Fdead Gmiall Fdead But I Bbshould not Fgrieve In time it comes to Dmiev'ryBbone C F CAll Fdead Gmiall Fdead But in Bbhope I Fbreathe Of course I A7don't beDmilieve You're Bbdead and Fgone All Bbdead and Fgone
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