Queen - '39
G In thDe year of '39.... AssembEmled here the volunteers In the dCays when Glands were Dfew Here the Emship sailed Em7out into the
CBlue and sunny morn Dsus4Sweetest sDight ever sGeen. D B7(x21201) And night followed day, and the story tellers say
That the Emscore brave souls insAmide For Gmany a lonely day sailed aDcross the milky seas
CNe'er looked Emback, Cnever Dfeared, CneverG crDied. G C (x32013) G Don't you hear my call, though you're many years away,
GDon't you heaCr me calling yDou Write your lettGers iB7n the sEmand foEm7r the day CI takeG your hanAmd
G (A-2h3-) D (D-2-4) G In the land that our grandchildren knew.
G In Dthe year of '39 came Ema ship in from the blue TChe volunteers cGame home thaDt day
AEmnd they brinEm7g good news of a worCld so newly born Dsus4 Though their Dhearts so heavilyG weigh
ForD the earth is old and grey, liB7ttle darlin' well away BEmut my love thisAm cannot be
ForG so many years have gone though ID'm older but a year CYour mother'sEm eyes Cfrom yDour eyesC cry Gto Dme.
DGon't you hear my call thCough you're many years aGway DoGn't you Chear mGe callDing you
AlGl theB7 letEmters iEm7n the sand cCannot healG me like Amyour hand For my Emlife StiDll ahead PiGty Me.
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