Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

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CSo, so you think you can Dtell, Heaven from AmiHell, blue skys from Gpain. Can you tell A,green Dfield from A,cold steel Crail, A,smile from A,Amveil, Do you think you can Gtell?
And did they get you to Ctrade your heroes for Dghosts, Hot ashes for Amtrees, hot air for A,cool Gbreeze, cold comfort for Dchange, And did you exCchange A,walk on part in the Amwar for A,lead role in A,Gcage?
Emi, G, Emi, G, Emi, A, Emi, A CHow I wish, how I wish you were Dhere. We're just Amitwo lost souls swimming in A,fish bowl, Gyear after year, DRunning over the same old ground. What Chave we found? The same old Amifears. Wish you were Ghere!
Emi, G, Emi, G, Emi, A, Emi, A, G
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