Pete Seeger - Buffalo gals

"Buffalo Gals" is a traditional American song, written and published as "Lubly Fan" in 1844 by the blackface minstrel John Hodges, who performed as "Cool White." The song was widely popular throughout the United States. Because of its popularity, minstrels altered the lyrics to suit the local audience, so it might be performed as "New York Gals" in New York City or "Boston Gals" in Boston. The best-known version is named after Buffalo, New York.
CAs I was walking down the street, G7down the street, Cdown the street A pretty girl I chanced to meet, un-G7der the silvery Cmoon.
Buffalo gals, won’t you come out toniG7ght, come out toniCght, come out tonight, Buffalo gals, won’t you come out tonightG7 and dance by the light ofC the moon.
I asked her if she’d stop and tG7alk, stop and tCalk, stop and talk, Her feet covered up the whole sidewalk, she was G7fair to Cview.
I asked her if she’d be my wG7ife, be my wCife, be my wife Then I’d be happy all my lifeG7, if sheâ€C™d marry me.
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