My Chemical Romance - Cancer acoustic

Well, this is my first tab - enjoy novices (: if you say me something ---> ===My Chemical Romance - Cancer Chords=== Intro: E B E B
ETurn away B If you could get me a C#mdrink Of water 'cause my Amlips are chapped and faded Call my EAunt Marie B Help her gather all my C#mthings And bury me in Amall my favoutire colors My F#msisters and my Abrothers stiBll, I will not C#mkiss youAm 'Cause the F#mhardest part of tBhis is leavin' yEou
Now Eturn away B 'Cause I'm awful just to C#msee 'Cause all my hair's aAmbandoned all my body Oh my Eagony B Know that I will never C#mmarry Baby, I'm just Amsoggy from the chemo But F#mcountin' down the Adays to gBo It just ain't C#mlivin' And I justAm hope you know
That Eif you say GoodBbye today I'd C#mask you to be true {I'd aAmsk you to be true} F#m B C#msus C B Ab 'Cause the hardest part of this is leavin' you 'Cause the F#mhardest part of thBis is leavin' yEou
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