Frank Sinatra - Fly me to the moon

Guitar Chords. I made these chords to my liking so that they are easier and faster to play. And I hope that in sharing it, it will help other people as well.
Am7Fly me to the moDm7on, let me G7play amongst the staCrs, FLet me see what spring is like on jE7upiter and mAm7ars, IDm7n other words, hoG7ld my haCnd! IDm7n other words, Gdarling kiss Eme! Am7Fill my heart with Dm7song, and let me G7sing forever moCre Fyou are all I long for all I E7worship &Am7 adore IDm7n other words, G please be truEe! Dm7In other words G7I love yCou
----Chords by Amylea Tan. :)
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