Ed Sheeran - You need me i dont need you

E-----------------------------|--------------------------------| A-----------------------------|--------------------------------| D-----------------------------|--13h15-----------15--------15--| G-------x------x-----x-----x--|--------13--15p13----15p13------| B---13-----13-----13----13----|--------------------------------| e-----------------------------|--------------------------------| ^ ^ INTRO Second Riff E--6\|--1---4---6---9---11------------------------------------| A--8\|--3---6---8---11--13------------------------------------| D--8\|--3---6---8---11--13------------------------------------| G--x\|--x---x---x---x---x-------------------------------------| B--x\|--x---x---x---x---x-------------------------------------| e--x\|--x---x---x---x---x-------------------------------------| The first chord 688 is only play once then slide it down to 133 just before it kicks back in, then just repeat the chords after that you will have to work out the timeing yourself its not that hard, they may not be all power chords but that was as close as i could get. x= mute out the other strings but still strike them. h= hammer on p= pull off Or Drop D and play them like this. I think Ed plays it similar to this. E--8\|--3---6--8--x--x-----------------------------------------| A--8\|--3---6--8--4--6-----------------------------------------| D--8\|--3---6--8--6--8-----------------------------------------| G--x\|--x---x--x--6--8-----------------------------------------| B--x\|--x---x--x--x--x-----------------------------------------| e--x\|--x---x--x--x--x-----------------------------------------| same as the chord above play the first only once then slide down and repeat the chords. Bare in mind you will need a rc-20xl loop station pedal to play this thats what he uses and thats what i used to make this but just play along with the chords is your best bet if you dont have one enjoy and have fun. Tab By Rushdown
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