Ed Sheeran - Wish you were here

CSo, so you think you can telDl Heaven from HeAmll
Blue Skies from paiGn Can you tell a green fiDeld
From a cold steel raCil A smile from a vAmeil
So you think you can teGll Did they get you to traCde
Your heroes for ghosDts Hot Ashes for treeAms
Hot air for a cool breGeze Cold comfort for chaDnge
Did you exchanCge? A walk on part in the Amwar
For a lead role in a cGage
CHow I wish, how I wish you wereD here We're just tAmwo lost souls swimming in a fish bGowl
Year after yeDar. Running over theC same old ground.
What have we found the same old feAMars Wish you were heGre
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