Ed Sheeran - What makes you beautiful

Gsus2 3 0 0 0 3 3 [Verse]
You're insGsus2ecure, dCadd9on't know what fDsus2or Dsus4 You're turning heGsus2ads when you wCadd9alk through the Dsus2door Dsus4 Don't need mGsus2akeup to coCadd9ver up Dsus2 Dsus4Being the wGsus2ay that you aCadd9re is enoDsus2ugh Dsus4
Gsus2Everyone eCadd9lse in the rDsus2oom can see it Gsus2Everyone elCadd9se but yDsus2ou
Baby, you lGsus2ight up my wCadd9orld like noDsus2body else The way that yGsus2ou flip your haCadd9ir gets me oDsus2verwhelmed But when you smiGsus2le at the grCadd9ound, it ain't hDsus2ard to tell You don't kGsus2now, oh, oCadd9h, Gsus2you don't know you're beautiful Cadd9Oh oh. ThGsus2at's what makes you beautiful
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