Ed Sheeran - Wake me up

Ed Sheeran - Wake Me Up (CAPO 2) G C D E[--------------------------------------| B[--------------------------------------| G[----------0------0--------------------| D[--0-------2------4--------------------| A[--2-------3------5--------------------| E[--3-----------------------------------|
G I should ink my skin G with your name C C and Gtake my passport out again G and just repClace it C
See I could Gdo without a tan on my left hGand, where my fourth finger meets my kCnuckle and I should rGun you a hot bath G and fill it up with bCubbles C
cos mCaybe you're loveable and mDaybe you're my snowflake and your eGyes turn from green to gray and in the winter i'll C hold you in a cold place C and yoCu should never cut your hair cos I lDove the way you flick it off your shoulGder mmm C
and Cyou will never know just how beaDutiful you are to me G C but mCaybe im just in love when you wDake me up G
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