Ed Sheeran - Uni

UNI - Ed Sheeran Tabbed by: Tom Stuart E-mail: Tomstuart8@hotmail.com Tuning: E A D E B e CAPO 2nd Fret ( all relative to the capo) Yo imma do this in chords. BE AWARE OF THE TUNING!!! the G string tunes down to an E. Basically he uses the following chords and does his percussive PALM MUTE slap thing with each chord in the verse and then strums open for the pre chorus, chorus and breakdown. E1 and E2 are both in the same bar at the start they just slide from one to another in the start of the verse and chorus. YOU WILL NEED TO LISTEN TO THE TRACK TO WORK OUT THE RHYTHM! ( SLIDE to) > (E1 E2) Db A Gb e|----0-----0----0----0----0------| B|----0-----0----0----0----0------| E|----0->---0----0----0----0------| D|--- 6-----4----11---7----4------| A|----7-----6----11---7----4------| E|----0-----0----9----5----2------| VERSE 1 E1-E2 I found your hairband....
DbAnd i dont get waves of missing yoAu anymore E1-E2 E1-E2 They're more like tsunami tides.. ..and im still drunk at the end of the night, DbI dont drink like everybody else A E1-E2 i do it to forget ....my minds with you but my hearts just not
GbSo am i close to you anymore A GbAnd theres no chance that we'll work ouuuut......thats why,A,,
CHORUS E1-E2 You and I ended over UNI and i
DbSaid thats fineA,, but your the only one that E1-E2 Knows I lied
VERSE (same pattern) PRE_CHORUS CHORUS BREAKDOWN Becauusee ..
DbIf i was gonna go someAwhere E1Id be there by now GbAnd maybe i would let myself dowwwn.... ohAowoh.. DbThinking that im unawareA, E1Ill keep my feet on the ground and keep GbLookin around to make sure im not the Aonly one to feel low, cus if DbYou Awant E1 (separate) E2 ill take you in my arms and keep you GbSheeeeltered A E1From all that ive done wrong E2 DbAnd i know youll say A E1That im the only one but i kE2now GbGod made another one of me to love you better thAan i ever will
Cus... CHORUS END ON E1-E2-E1 Hope this helps :) Thanks Tom
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