Ed Sheeran - Top floor acoustic

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top Floor - Ed Sheeran ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is an acoustic version he played, so its not exactly the same as the original No capo D : (x54030) D/F# : (200233)
GI can see the city lights From where I stand oD/F#n the toEmp floor And I'm not sure iCf I'm deGad
GI raise my hands to the clouds To check if heaven iD/F#s with meEm now Cause the devil's Cin my Gbed
She won't Emlove me Clike she coGuld She won't Emhold me Clike you woGuld
GI bid this city goodnight And cover street lampsD/F# like myEm eyes When it’s quCiet GI’ll go
GI'm saying my sweetest goodbye Under billboarD/F#ds of faEmstfoods and Cmobile phGones
Cause they don't Emtreat me lCike they shGould Cause they don't Cneed me liDke you wouGld
CMy toes curled clutched to the edge GI'm filled up with regret CCould you forgive me Dyet?
Would you kCnow if I fGell From this EmhoteGl? D/F# G
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